"The Sicks is absolutely brilliantly funny."
Toronto Arts Review


The Sicks is a comedy-parody web-series* about life in the city of Toronto and complete with fictitious commercials, prank phone calls from City Hall, promotional videos, artistic performances and a radio station.

Created by Toronto resident David Porteous, The Sicks offers a highly imaginative melding of reality and fiction. Even BlogTO got fooled by The Sicks.

Fans of the nonsensical fake-business Thrift MP3 -“Toronto’s Only Used MP3 Store”- for example, can read store updates via their @thriftmp3 Twitter feed. Viewers can also connect with the parody “city Toronto” by visiting the website at www.city-toronto.ca.

The fake used MP3 store caught real people off guard when they replied to a Thrift MP3 cashier job posting. Instead of seeking resumés, applicants were asked to write a 15-second song about Thrift MP3. The hilarious results are included in the pilot episode.

But life in the parody city is not all fun-and-games. The show also highlights some serious issues in the real city of Toronto, including hunger insecurity, white privilege and LGBTQ homeless youth.

The pilot episode addresses this issue with Porteous playing the role of DR. AKE (Doctor Ake), a parody rapper who made a music video covering “Energy," a song by real Toronto musician Drake. DR AKE changed the lyrics of the song to highlight the hunger issue in Toronto.

Porteous’ parody rapper has also issued a real challenge to Drake, asking him to help organize a food drive for the Daily Bread Food Bank. “Why Drake? Why not!” Porteous says. “His talent and passion for Toronto affords him the opportunity to inspire an incredibly diverse group of fans who have the capacity to create palpable and positive change within our city."

More information on the Drake food drive challenge, including the music video and interview can be found by visiting www.endTOhunger.ca

The Sicks stars, was created, directed and written by Toronto resident and musician David Porteous.

Porteous turned to comedy as a means of relief from a hand injury that has left him unable to play music for the time being. “I’m confident I will be able to play music again at some point, but for now, making people laugh has been a great relief!” Porteous says. "The Sicks has been a lot of fun to create and it feels great to bring awareness to real issues that resonate with me.


Credits (part):

David Porteous - Director, head writer, music, voices, graphics, audio, editing.
media@thesicks.ca - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - Website

Jenn Abbott - Assistant writer and director

Darnell Reddick - assistant writer of WHYTE Power - Photography Website

Vomit - Speaker / Poet / Comedian / Musician - Twitter

Michael Gückel - Photographer - Flickr

Andrew Iriah - Photographer - Instagram

Jay Pollmann - Performs his song "Loose Lips Sink Ships" at end of the Pilot episode - jaypollmann.com

Duane Forrest- Performs his song "Mariela De Mayaguez" at end of the White Privilege episode - duanesguitar.com

THRIFT MP3 (Fake Used MP3 Store) - Twitter

Starbucks Donate Your Stars (Parody Website) - donateyourstars.com

The Dirty FM (Fake Radio Station) - Twitter - Soundcloud

DR. AKE (parody rapper) - Twitter - Instagram

City Toronto Money for the Arts - The Sicks was awarded this ficticious funding grant

There were plenty other people who helped with The Sicks - for full credit list please contact media@thesicks.ca

Filmed on-location in Toronto, ON / Cobourg, ON / New York City, NY

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*The Sicks is a parody-comedy and is not real so do not take it seriously.

The Sicks will not be held liable in any shape or form.

Watch at your own discretion.

May contain nuts or peanuts.

All links and images and pages and thesicks.ca and other websites/things (apart from the musicians performing at the end of episode 1, 2 and 4) are fake and should be taken as fake and not seriously. By using this website you agree to not hold The Sicks and/or David Porteous liable in any shape or form. Do not use this website while operating a motor vehicle. Anything else found on the internet related to city-toronto.ca, The Sicks or anything mentioned in The Sicks is likely fake and should not be taken seriously. The internet is not a real world nor is it a replacement for the real world. Try going outside. It's better than facebook or sitting on your mobile phone.
If you steal or copy or clone any of the ideas mentioned on this site, you will give David Porteous absolute credit and pay him $100 USD to $10 000 USD,
the final amount to negotiated through a series of challenges which may or may not include dice, cards, mind games, or alcohol.